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Cook County Demolition Sales

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We Are The Biggest And Oldest Demolition Sale Company Around!

 # 1 In Chicago And Suburbs!

We do this to keep building materials out of landfills.
This creates a “Win-Win” situation. You save a ton of money by getting a great deal on items for your next home renovation project. And the environment wins because every little bit that we keep out of the landfills helps!

What items are for sale?

When a house is about to be demolished, there are still many new or like-new pieces that can be salvaged and used, including:

Storm doors, outdoor plants, garage doors and openers, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, appliances, furnaces, hot water heaters, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, toilets, vanities, fireplaces, hardwood floors, decks and patio stones, and much, much more!

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The Type of
Items We Sell

Oak & Pine Floors

Furnaces & Boilers


Leaded Glass



Bricks & Stone